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The Pinnacle Success System™ provides entrepreneurs with a proven process to move up the competition continuum by de-commoditizing their view of themselves and their businesses and then applying this new awareness to all aspects of their productivity, offering, and processes. The results are extraordinary.


PILLAR 1: Pinnacle Gift™ - Learn how to find your Pinnacle Gift™ (why you are on the planet) and why this awareness is the essential first step to move you, and your business, away from commoditization toward uniqueness. Discover how you may be unintentionally commoditizing your business and yourself. Gain new awareness about how knowing your Pinnacle Gift™ can transform your view of yourself and your business. This class is designed for you to gain a new ability to evaluate your daily activities and choices through the filter of whether or not they leverage your Pinnacle Gift™.


So what if I don't own a business? We hear this question from people when talking about discovering your Gift for business. But even if you are not a business owner you are a part of a much bigger picture. Knowing or re-discovering your strengths through awareness of your Gift will help improve your life either in business or in life. Which is why we always say that we help make transformations in Life and in Business. Knowing your Gift will change your life. Re-discovering your Gift will alter your future.


What to expect: This is an all-day class. For $249.00 you will get the complete workbook that you can use over and over. More importantly, you will get tools that you can start making positive impacts on your future. Join us for an amazing day. Once you are signed up you will receive a confirmation email with a little home to complete before the class. You will need to have a PI assessment, which we will send you a link to a free web form, and we have a questionnaire for you to have filled out. You should give yourself a week to get these two steps done, they are quick but we are all busy.


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Class location: Chesterfield Business Center, Chesterfield MO


Sign up for The Pinnacle Gift™ Class:

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