Three Flags Business Center

1360 S. Fifth St., Suite 308

St Charles, MO 63301

Date: October 2019

Session: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Join us for this educational 2-hour workshop that will introduce the 4 Pillars of The Pinnacle Success System™. We review each Pillar and provide powerful concepts and tools that are immediately applicable to your business and life. 


PILLAR 1: Pinnacle Gift™ - Learn how to find your Pinnacle Gift™ (why you are on the planet) and why this awareness is the essential first step to move you, and your business, away from commoditization toward uniqueness. Discover how you may be unintentionally commoditizing your business and yourself. Gain new awareness about how knowing your Pinnacle Gift™ can transform your view of yourself and your business. This Pillar is designed for you to gain a new ability to evaluate your daily activities and choices through the filter of whether or not they leverage your Pinnacle Gift™.

PILLAR 2: Pinnacle Productivity™ - Discover why most entrepreneurs lose up to 40% of their productivity. As a result, they work much more than they have to. Learn how to move away from a self-defeating, time-based focus, and how a true understanding of productivity can transform your thinking about your potential to earn more and to work less – and to substantially enjoy your life and work. This Pillar is designed for you to gain an understanding about how to view each of your daily activities through a filter of productivity, allowing you to immediately shift to higher levels of productivity and results.

Pinnacle Process

PILLAR 3: Pinnacle Offering™ - Gain powerful new awareness about what is possible with your Ideal and Next Level Client offerings – what you do for the highest value clients you choose to serve. This Pillar teaches you how to integrate your Pinnacle Gift™ and Pinnacle Productivity™ with your Pinnacle Offering™, allowing you to move substantially up the value continuum with more robust possibilities.


PILLAR 4: Pinnacle Process™ - This capstone course incorporates the awareness, growth and new capabilities participants gained from the first three courses, and takes it to a new level. This final Pillar provides entrepreneurs with a specialized process to develop unique, powerful, proprietary intellectual property that moves their businesses up the competition continuum, away from their competitors and to a unique position in the marketplace.


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