What Value is Blogging

“Truth, wisdom, learning, and good sense — these are worth paying for, but too valuable for you to sell” ***

Have you thought of blogging for your business? Have you struggled with why waste my time. After all there are so many people and businesses blogging it just clutters my mind and wastes my time. But does it?

There are things you do in your business that are necessary to keep your business running and growing. Spending time blogging about what your business does creates two things. First you create credibility in your space around your subject matter. Second you get to advertise who you are and what you can do to help people.

If you are not showing people right up front what you can do to help them then you are just a part of that noise that you are already hearing. Separate yourself from the noise. Make your information relevant to your audience. Most importantly make a posting schedule and stick to it and you will find that the content you share is making a difference, even if it only be to one person.

A side benefit to blogging is that you spend time thinking about what your business really does. You may find you are off track with your core goals. Spending time working and thinking about your business and yourself is never a waste of your time.

Whatever your view may be on blogging you are reading this one. I ask you to keep one thing in mind. Spend your time investing in yourself. Then you can invest in others because of who you have become. Time spent on positive growth is never a waste but you need to do it your way and not the way others tell you to. Truth, Wisdom and Learning, it just makes good sense.

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