Strategy Intensives™ are offered as either 1-day or 2-day sessions devoted to working on your business, not just in your business. 


BDL, LLC guides entrepreneurs through a proprietary strategy process designed to provide clarity about where you are now, your future direction and focus, and the most effective way to get there. We take a customized approach and tailor each experience to the specific needs of the business owner(s).


Although most entrepreneurs want to invest more time working on their businesses, the reality is that the urgent, day-to-day demands get the attention. The result: we work more hours doing less effective, lower value activities, and we experience higher levels of stress as we move further and further off course from our original goals and our true potential.

Business owners come to us at all stages of business development and we customize the Strategy Intensive to help their business move to the next level. As the first step in the Strategy Intensive process, we provide a thought-provoking questionnaire that allows us to clearly identify where your business is currently, and shows the areas that need the most focus based on your goals. 


We then hold a prep session to review the questionnaire, clearly establish your goals for the session, and then set an agenda. We then meet for the 1-day or 2-day Strategy Intensive and continue to adapt the session to maximize outcomes.


The end result is that entrepreneurs leave the session with a high degree of clarity about their business model and future goals and direction. Fuzzy vision, vague goals, and distracting uncertainty disappear. 


Typically there are several breakthrough experiences in which entrepreneurs gain new awareness and insights that lead to exciting new possibilities. The outcome is more potential for their businesses and a clear focus and direction on how to achieve this new potential. 


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Strategy Intensive™ 

1-day - $1,600

Strategy Intensive™ 

2-day - $2,800