The Success Accelerator Process™ is designed for entrepreneurs who know that there is much more that they and their businesses can achieve. They also realize that they experience challenges that limit their potential and hold them back.


These entrepreneurs achieve success, but most likely their success is at the cost of working more and more hours, and they intuitively know that they could work less and achieve more success if they could make everything come together. Their success comes at too high of a cost. They are committed to changing this.


What if these entrepreneurs could achieve substantially more success, work significantly fewer hours, and enjoy the journey much more? What if their productivity could double and triple and their results did the same?

Business Dynamics Leadership, LLC offers a dynamic, fast-paced and immediately results-oriented process specifically designed for entrepreneurs who want to dramatically transform their businesses, lives, and futures. 


An exciting aspect of process is that it is iterative and expanding. As you experience new, breakthrough results there is the realization that you have learned a process that will enable you to continue creating more and bigger opportunities.


We offer three packages depending on your goals. We also offer two payment methods: pay monthly and spread the upfront costs over twelve months or make a one-time annual payment that is discounted by 10% (please contact us to make an annual payment). Each package involves a one-year commitment to your success.

The Next Level Package™


Immediate 2-day Strategy Intensive


In six months a 1-day follow up Strategy Intensive


Coaching every other month (90 minute sessions)


Price: $520 per month for 12 months

The Big Leap Package™


Immediate 2-day Strategy Intensive


3 quarterly 1-day Strategy Intensives

Monthly coaching (90 minute sessions)


Price: $1040 per month for 12 months

Pinnacle Success Package™


Immediate 2-day Strategy Intensive


3 quarterly 1-day Strategy Intensives



2 monthly coaching sessions (90 minute sessions)


Price: $1,865 per month for 12 months

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